Welcome to the Journey

Hey there! My name Carolina Alexandra! I would personally like to welcome you to my health/wellness blog, and future home of my wellness coaching business! Welcome and thank you for joining me!

I have finally taken the plunge into the depths of my soul to start this journey. My motivation for doing this is that I was extremely and painfully tired of living the mundane life; something much bigger has been calling my name and telling me that my vision is needed to help inspire others. The same voice inside me is saying that is time to shine my bright light! So here I am!

You see… I have struggled with many diverse things throughout my life growing up. One of the biggest things has always been my weight and self-esteem. I learned the hard way that being overweight can cause serious complications in life (if you allow it to of course, which I reluctantly did for mannny years), but truthfully it goes deeper than just the extra pounds and exterior image. At the core, I believe we are all beautiful and entitled to live lives which reflect our inner beauty despite how the world primarily centered around image tries to make us feel about ourselves.

Growing up, I was told over and over that I am (and I quote) “a fat waste of life” and that I would never be loved because I did not fit into society’s ideals of “beauty.” I’ve been beaten, kicked, and punched when I was down. I’ve been tormented, tortured, and sought love from those who could not even love themselves properly. I’ve been depressed many times throughout my life, and somehow always pulled myself up (often times with the help of those who saw my true beauty deep inside and loved me unconditionally). When I was in high school, I would even write in my diary that I did not deserve to live because I’m a “fat waste of life.” Ha! Well look at me now… living and sh*t! I now fully realize that society has it ALL wrong! I am taking my pain and transforming it into something tremendously beautiful! My hopes, dreams, wishes, and desires along the way are to also assist many others in doing so also! This is why I am still here and breathing; it’s my souls calling!

I am at the point where I absolutely refuse to focus any attention on the negatives; however, it is vital to mention them because pictures develop from the negatives. Truth is that we are all human. We all face difficulties and dualities on this beautiful planet in our individual lives. It would be impossible to appreciate the good without the bad, and the happy without the sad. It’s all designed to help us grow and evolve! The key to the growth is that we should never give up expanding our hearts, minds, and souls! We all have something special to offer the world. Additionally, we all can learn from every single person we encounter in our lives. After all, we are all mirrors of one another. Think about that.

SO, with that all said… I am taking my darkness and shining my light. I want to inspire others so that we can all grow together into what we are truly designed to be. I understand the depths of depression and anxiety. I understand emotional eating and the “unhealthy” sedentary lifestyle. I understand how painful it is to also lose loved ones to cancer. In contrast, however, I understand how truly amazing it is to feel connected to your true being of existence! Sometimes a leap of faith into the unknown has the potential to bring us things that are more amazing than we could have ever imagined. The road to success is never a straight one. Each day that we wake up is a reason to smile. Every single day is a true blessing, and a reason to get up and keep moving forward. The Universe does not make mistakes… even though as humans we sometimes do, BUT THAT IS OKAY!!! It’s learning from those mistakes that helps us build a strong foundation of PURPOSE.

It’s all a journey. We all have a purpose on this beautiful planet. (Think back to when you were a child, WHAT MADE YOU FEEL ALIVE?) For the longest we have been told that maybe we just are not good enough to live the lives we have always imagined. We got put into boxes, and just went on living day by day getting through the days as opposed to truly living passionately and feeling alive! Well folks… LET’S CHANGE THAT AND START TRULY LIVING WITH PASSION SO FIERCE IT INSPIRES OTHERS!!! Life is happening RIGHT NOW. There is no use waiting for the perfect moment, because perfection is NOT REAL so that moment may NEVER COME if we sit and wait. We are always where we need to be, and all the things in our lives are seasons to bring us toward our calling… if we chose to pay attention. I know, I know! It’s so easy to be distracted because our lives are so fast-paced and congested with lame advertising to crave or buy the next best thing these days. Additionally, why does everything need to happen in a NEW YORK MINUTE? HA! Stop right there! TAKE A DEEP BREATH! Annnd another. There you go. 

I’ve gotten to the point where the visions of the bright future I can help co-create keep me up at night, and totally day dreaming during the day. I have always envisioned a bright, beautiful planet where every single human is truly free, happy, and joyfully enlightened. And the truth is… we are getting there. The dark ages are over, and we are waking up from being the way we were told to be into what we are truly meant to be. Heaven is a place on Earth as well! We just need to work together in this beautiful transformation for ourselves, future generations, and our beautiful planet Earth.

Health is about more than just being “fit.” It’s also about regaining our strength mind, body, and soul. Our inner trinity that when aligned can truly change our lives, and the world around us for the better. So! I challenge and encourage you to turn off the background noise (televisions and social media) for a while (OH! And those e-mails and text messages can wait too!), and just sit in silence breathing. If there are any thoughts that come to mind which seem negative, I challenge you to replace them with some positive ones. And there begins the journey to self-discovery and a new bright future. Feel your heart beat? That’s called purpose, darling.

I welcome you, and please allow me some time to get everything set up here. I am currently working to create an effective website to explore. It will be fully launching Spring 2019!

I will leave you with a wonderful quote which I personally LOVE…

“What is called genius is the abundance of life and health.”

– Henry David Thoreau

Peace, Love, and Light- Carolina Alexandra